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Financial Information Exchange (FIX) is the de facto connectivity standard for the financial industry and has become the language that global financial markets use to communicate real-time trading information among buy and sell side firms and trading platforms.

QuantXpress provides trading software for high speed, direct connectivity to global and FIX-enabled destina- tion delivering direct access to electronic markets. QuantXpress team has many years of experience and expertise in developing and consulting of FIX solutions. QuantXpress provides high performance comprehensive FIX Engine and tools for the management and on-boarding of certification and FIX connectivity solutions across asset classes and FIX versions.

For more information on the generic FIX protocol please visit to : FIX Protocol

We can help you in following areas related to FIX connectivity solutions:

  • FIX integration consultancy and connectivity solutions for a buy and sell side partners
  • FIX Engine components (Initiator and Acceptor)
  • FIX functional and regression testing
  • FIX certifications process
  • FIX trade drop copy solutions
  • FIX related tools
  • FIX Log analyzer and monitoring tools
  • FAST encoding and decoding

Our Professional Services team can partner with clients to efficiently build, customize and develop scalable end-to-end FIX connectivity solutio- ns according to your specific requirements eliminates high cost and risk of developing proprietary software.

QuantXpress Technologies offers Direct Market Access (DMA) software component adapters to major FX and Exchanges liquidity pool including FXCM, Dukascopy, ONADA, CME etc.

For more information regarding FIX solutions and services please contact us: info@quantxpress.com

QXFIX Engine

QXFIX Engine is a next generation customizable, high-performance, low latency and a feature rich FIX Engine including rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to develop a FIX based trading application, connectivity and tools.

QXFIX Engine manages connectivity, message validation, normalization and FIX session management and let you to focus on your core business messages on application layer. It is designed to enhance efficiency for broker/dealers and investment managers by transparently connecting them to external partners via the FIX protocol.

QXFIX Engine is an affordable, scalable, multithreaded and robust platform on which FIX aspirants can build their own customized FIX solutions. The object oriented APIs of QXFIX Engine are dependable and well-tested with major exchanges and brokers. They seamlessly integrate the FIX solution with any Order Management System application and provide global connectivity with FIX compliant counterparties.


High performance, scalable and     flexible FIX Engine

Microsoft.NET based easy-to-     use API model

Support standard FIX version     and custom FIX dialects

Quick & easy integration and     counterparty connectivity in     matter of hours or days

In an effort to facilitate the implementation of the FIX protocol in the financial community, we offer our FIX engine with source code to qualified institutions (buy-side firms, brokers, banks, etc.)

QXFIX Engine Architecture

QXFIX Engine has a flexible modular architecture based on Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5 with scalability for growing business needs. Its multithreaded implementation makes it robust, fast and dependable.

FIX Engine Features

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