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QuantXpress Technologies brings unparalleled value to professional traders and financial trading firms by uniting domain knowledge, practical experience with technology competence to deliver innovative and impactful trading technology products and solutions.

QuantXpress Technologies deliver cutting-edge, high-performance algorithmic and execution management system that combine advanced technology access to professional traders and trading firm driving to greater business opportunity. We relentless focus on innovation to build the trading solutions our customers need. QuantXpress offers every element you need to support your trading infrastructure.

QuantXpress offers BlitzTrader, a high performance automated trading system platform and open framework to develop and deploy proprietary algorithmic trading strategies and market connectivity’s. The technology and features built into our platform are driven by one goal: to give professional traders the ultimate tool for fast and quality order execution and capitalize on trading opportunities. BlitzTrader relieve you from all the hassle of development of in-house trading platform and let you completely focus on your core trading business.

QuantXpress Technologies, with its unrivaled domain competencies in algorithmic trading technologies, is poised to take on critical challenges that the professional traders, Hedge funds and financial Institutions manifests

QuantXpress is comprised of a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, IT experts and quant traders with decades of experience and market expertise. QuantXpress was formed when the founders realized that there was a significant market opportunity in providing an open trading framework then a set of trading tools with only a pre builds features.

The goal has been to develop an open trading platform to realize any trading ideas of any complexity that may require multiple market access with system customization to meets the challenges and strategic requirement of each client with managed risk.

QuantXpress specializes in following solutions

  • Direct market access (DMA) and execution management systems
  • Rapidly develop and deploy market neutral automated trading strategies
  • Cross asset front and backoffice order and risk management system
  • Smart trading terminals
  • Automated execution of any external trading signals
  • Ultra low latency market data feeds, historical data storage and API services.
  • End to end systematic Algorithmic trading framework
  • Market agnostic trading platform supporting Equity, Futures, Options, commodity and FX market
  • FIX connectivity and consulting
  • Implement your trading idea as an automated system
  • Professional consulting services

The focus of QuantXpress is to combine knowledge with technology competence resulting in innovative products and offers revolutionary new capabilities in the domain electronic and algorithmic trading.

Trading technology can play a significant role in augmenting your competitive advantage. Most institutions find limitation in off the shelf available product which is mainly designed to cater technical analysis or supporting specific style of trading. Building in-house trading platform from scratch involves huge cost and there is still a risk of not getting a workable and robust system in a given time frame. QuantXpress provides cost effective, state of art and high performance trading framework, tools that completely customize to your general and specific requirements.

Our Vision

Is to be a global leader in providing an advanced, flexible and powerful trading software framework, tools, solutions and innovative technologies to meet our client’s mission critical trading business needs and create added value through quality, innovation and partnership.

Our Mission

Is to help transform global algorithmic technologies platform by enabling professional traders to transact, pursuing strategic electronic trading business opportunities, act fast and grow profitably. We will partner with our customers for their success

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