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 We Automate your Trading Strategies, Providing complete Technology stack and Managing Connectivity while you can focus on your core Business...Trading and Research  

Algorithmic Trading is an intrinsic part of electronic trading and has been widely embraced across the financial market spectrum – be it to maximise profitability, reducing costs, remaining anonymous, improving productivity, generate alpha, executing trades faster and more consistently, and reducing the risk of significant market impact. Algorithmic trading is the use of quantitative model based on mathematical formulas to produce trade signals or handle order flow and uses computer based system to complete all work from trading decision to execution.

Low-Latency Trading Software Development Services

QuantXpress is able to craft customized trading system and strategy specific execution processes using our pre build and tested software components with state of art architecture that reduces latencies to help clients achieve their specific execution benchmark with direct route to the respective exchange matching engine. For very ultra low latency HFT strategies requirements we have successfully delivered custom trading system build upon C++/Linux components to some of our proprietary trading firms partners and achieved a single digit microsecond benchmark from exchange tick to trade including strategy execution, OMS and EMS layers with co-location setup and high speed exchange connectivity.

We provide algorithmic and automated trading solutions and services in following areas

  • End-To-End multi-asset algorithmic trading infrastructure
  • Development and Engineering of Algorithm based Trading Application
  • Offer multithreaded-platform and API for development of sophisticated automated trading strategies in matter of days.
  • Backtest and optimize existing strategies
  • Implementation and integration of exchange and broker connectivity adapters for both markets and price feed handler.
  • FIX/FAST/Binary protocol gateway design
  • Customized trading front-end to configure, execute, monitor and control trading strategies in action
  • Integrate high speed market data, news feed and any information with trading system needed to drive your trading success.

Start working with us now to empower your trading with state of the art technology to meet your specific algorithmic trading and execution needs.

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