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 DMA enables buy-side customers to access the exchange electronic trading environment directly improving the accuracy and efficiency of trades while lowering overall costs of execution  

QuantXpress solutions for Direct Market Access (DMA) provide easy high-speed access to global financial marketplaces across asset class. Our clients leverages QuantXpress direct connectivity adapters to ensure minimum latency on trade executions. The sell side partners can use our FIX gateway solutions to provide a direct market access to their buy side clients in order to provide best fills and in depth market insight.

QuantXpress provides direct access trading platform and connectivity adapter to get execution into multiple liquidity venues, including broker, exchanges. The direct access platforms help to implement trading strategies which seek access to liquidity or may utilize algorithmic automated trading capabilities.

QuantXpress flagship algorithmic trading platform BlitzTrader seamlessly integrates with following market. New market connector is being added regularly following our client needs.

Interactive Broker

Interactive Brokers (IB) is a US based online discounted brokerage firm and offers a broad range of trading and investment options to its individual and institutional customers. IB's premier technology provides electronic access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 100 markets worldwide from a single IB Universal account

Interactive Brokers (IB) offers a proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) to connect to the IB systems through a custom trading application to automate trading rules meeting the various needs of professional traders.

The BlitzTrader algorithmic trading platform is fully integrated with Interactive broker trading service through an IB connectivity adapter using Interactive broker C# TWS API. To use IB TWS adapter you need the IB TWS or their gateway software running in the background and to be connected to IB. IB adapter access market data and submit order to interactive broker using IB TWS.

We can also provide a custom IB adapter solution for their CTCI FIX interface.


FXCM Inc., is a leading world-wide provider of foreign exchange trading (currency trading) and related services to retail and institutional customers. QuantXpress Technologies fully supports the FXCM trading service and its FXCM adapter uses QXFIX API to connect and transact electronic trading business and market data messages with FXCM venue.

Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol is a messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of global trading transactions. FXCM FIX interface supports market data as well as order processing.

The QuantXpress Low latency FXCM adapter solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with our high performance algorithmic trading platform BlitzTrader to rapidly develop and deploy proprietary trading strategies across FXCM or other electronic trading market supporting different asset class.


OANDA is one the top forex broker provides online foreign exchange (forex) trading, currency exchange, and investment related products and information to individuals, corporations, portfolio managers, auditing firms, global banks, and financial institutions worldwide. Apart from trading platform Oanda offers Application Programming Interface(API) to provide automated trading for forex, precious metals an CFDs.

QuantXpress OANDA adapter uses their FIX specs to connect and transact electronic trading business message with OANDA FIX gateway server. The OANDA FIX Adapter provides streaming market data for requested symbols and order placement on a user's accounts. It is seamlessly integrated with BlitzTrader, our flagship algorithmic trading platform.

National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

NSE is a leading electronic stock exchange based in Mumbai, India and has always been at the forefront of the modernisation of India’s capital and financial markets. NSE offers trading, clearing and settlement services in range of products covering equity, futures, options, debt, currency derivatives and mutual funds.

NSE is also the exchange which has been in forefront of implementing Co-location services and Tick-by-Tick market data product among several other firsts. High frequency and automated trading had taken off in India with launch of NSE’s Co-location services in Jan of 2010. A significant order flow of the exchange is now passing through the Co-location facility especially for Algorithmic Trading and Direct Market Access (DMA). To complement the High Frequency Trading, Tick By Tick Market Data feed generating broadcast for every transaction is provided by the exchange.

QuantXpress provides comprehensive low latency connectivity solutions for a direct access to all segments (Equity, Futures & Options, Currency) of NSE. BlitzTrader, a QuantXpress flagship algorithmic trading platform is successfully empanelled with NSE as an in-house trading platform and used in production by trading firms in India.

Market Data
QuantXpress ultra low latency NSE market data adapters fully supports all market data interfaces including the high bandwidth Tick-by-Tick(TBT) Multicast, TBT 1.0 and low-bandwidth market data interfaces.

Order Routing
QuantXpress provides native adapter to directly route orders to NSE. NSE uses proprietary NNF protocol to send and receive order routing messages to/from exchanges

Professional Services
Apart from our end-to-end systematic trading platform offering, we also provide ultra low latency customize NSE connectivity solution to integrate with your proprietary trading system. We increase the efficiency of trading by using our full range of algorithmic trading solutions to automate your trading ideas to increase productivity and extend your trading capacity.

Our offering Includes:

  • Implement your sophisticated trading models using our product BlitzTrader
  • 1. Customized, bespoke development of complete algorithmic trading solutions
  • 2. Provides a customized trading platform with single digit microseconds tick to trade latency
  • 3. Provides NSE connectivity adapters for Direct Market Access (DMA) to integrate with your own trading system and applications.
  • 4. Fully managed solutions for all your trading needs.

We will be glad to discuss how we can best be of assistance in your trading development project.

Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)

MCX is a leading electronic commodity futures exchange based in Mumbai, India and facilitates online trading, clearing and settlement of commodity futures transactions. MCX offers trading in varied commodity futures contracts across segments including bullion, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, energy and agricultural commodities.

It was the first exchange in India to initiate evening sessions to synchronise with the trading hours of global exchanges in London, New York and other major international markets.

MCX provides Non FIX API / FIX API for developing trading solution.

QuantXpress provides comprehensive low latency connectivity solutions for a direct market access to MCX. BlitzTrader, a QuantXpress flagship algorithmic trading platform is successfully integrated with MCX market and used to create and deploy a low latency automated trading strategies. BlitzTrader provide an open API and enables traders to go from proprietary trading idea to automated execution in matter of hours and can connect multiple market across different asset class from single platform.

We will develop and make it available the new market connectivity upon request.

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